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About the Company

About the Company

LC "Universal Pribor" is an acknowledged leader in the Russian market of radio electronics. The company has been found in 1995. The main activity is a complex equipment of radio-electronic enterprises, supplies of vibroacoustic, controlling and measuring, technological equipment for corporate customer. The head-quarter and some manufactures are situated in Saint-Petersburg, there is also a representative office in Moscow and a lot of business partners all round the world.

For the 22 years of our activity we've achieved an undoubted leadership in the market of complex equipment of radio-electronic manufactures. Due to continuous aspiration for the improvement, clear understanding of the company's goals and also due to maintenance of main principles of civilized business we can achieve better results every day.

Our company is proud to participate in the creation of Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS, we are proud of realization of National State program by installation of telephones in the country in the North-West region of Russia, of New Year decoration of Saint-Petersburg and of many other interesting projects.

Among the main reasons of our success are: our ability to provide a complex solution of all the problems connected with starting of projects on the highest level as well as long-term experience and real professionalism of our employees and the individual attitude to all our customers.

Our potential

We offer a cooperation in accomplishing such a task as construction of high-performance manufacture. Using our capacities in complex equipment of an enterprise with technological, controlling and measuring and other kinds of equipment, You can produce complicated and high-quality production spending minimum of money and time and optimize your production process.

We offer a wide range of equipment:

  • Technological equipment for assembling manufactures
  • Controlling and measuring equipment
  • Testing and vibroacoustic equipment
  • Soldering equipment and materials
  • Industrial antistatic furniture
  • Antistatic equipment

Our partners

Today our company collaborates with more than 30 world-wide manufactures of electronics and is an official representative in Russia of such enterprises as: Fluke (USA), Tektronix (USA), Treston (Finland), Armeka (Finland), I-Pulse (Yamaha motor group) (Japan); FinnSonic(Finland), Bruel & Kjaer (Denmark), Solder Chemistry (Germany), AIM (Canada), Testo, Seho (Germany), Jot automation (Estonia), Binder, Tira (Germany), Cramolin, Weller (Germany), Pace (USA), and many others.

Our customers

Our attentive attitude to our customers - to more than 3000 enterprises helps us to grant to you the most convenient service. We cooperate with one of the biggest Russian factories and we cover all regions in Russia and also all CIS countries. Our customers are: electronic, instrument-making, telecommunication, shipbuilding, petroleum and gas production, automobile plants. Among them are such famous companies as: PC "Russian Institute of Radio navigation and Time" (GLONASS), PC "MorfizPribor", PC "Concern "Okeanpribor", SMU "Aurora", SMU "PM", PC "Techpribor", CSRI "TS", "Power Machins", "Elektrosila" and many others.


Our company is sure in the quality and reliability of delivered equipment. All the equipment is given a guarantee at least of 12 months. Post guarantee service is carried out in the service centre. Repair and verification of radio measuring equipment is also executed.

Our manufactures

Our company owns the following manufactures in Saint-Petersburg:

Contract assembling of printed-circuit boards;

Manufacture of laboratorial sensitive power supplies of constant current B5-71 30 volt 10 ampere and 50 volt 6 ampere worked out only by "Universal Pribor" (introduced in the State registry);

Manufacture of industrial furniture Universal that is remarkable for high quality of the product and its wide range;

Since 2009 "Universal Pribor" manufactures and delivers vacuum cameras - imitator of space.

What will you get working with us?

  • a worked over informative project for a short period
  • the essential help while choosing a necessary equipment (in the view of technical and commercial goals)
  • a complex equipment of an enterprise - turnkey
  • quick, qualified and timely service (starting-up and adjustment, maintenance, employee's training in work with instrumentation)
  • you can purchase all necessary replenish
  • flexible discount system.

 The leading top-management of the company is represented by famous Russian leading experts in high technologies, who do a lot for the development of radio electronics in the country and in 

Our diplomas and awards

  • the member of Saint-Petersburg Associations of manufacturers and industrialists
  • the member of Saint-Petersburg Associations of radio electronic, instrument-making, communications facilities and info telecommunication enterprises
  • the member of Saint-Petersburg Union of industrialists
  • the member of Regional employer's union of "Saint-Petersburg Associations of manufacturers and industrialists"
  • "Diploma for The active advancement of measuring tools in the Russian market
  • "An attractive employer - 2007"
  • "The best staff - 2005" and other. Altogether more than 50 diplomas.

Participation in state and regional programs and projects

  • "The company Universal Pribor has participated in the creation of Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS.
  • "The direct participation in New Year decoration of Saint-Petersburg. Universal Pribor's contract assembling of printed-circuit boards has produced all the electronic components for the lightning of playthings for fir-trees, which beauty and elegance everyone could admire and estimate during celebrating of New Year.
  • "The company Universal Pribor participates in realization of National State program by installation of telephones in the country in the North-West region of Russia, including Karelia and Leningrad district. As the result in all even the most remote villages have been installed 12000 coin telephones of new generation. In that places where the wired telephone lines absent, have been installed a special modification of coin telephones with GSM modems.
  • "Universal Pribor" participates in realization of city program for equipping urban transport with satellite navigation systems.

We are open for communicating

To hand our great experience and to increase the efficacy of the work, "Universal Pribor" regularly holds seminars for specialists, as well as organize an annual International Conference "The contemporary electronic manufacture" with participation of foreign experts. We participate actively in different international and regional, national exhibitions of electronic and electrotechnical industrials.

The company's motto is: "Quality is our position!"

Altogether we build up a high-performance manufacture!